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Devour This — Cookbook / Journal — Page 2

whole wheat popovers

August 17, 2013

August temps have dipped. The morning and evening air especially feel brisk against bare skin. Around 4am, while baby Bowie was squirming in bed next to me, I got up and changed from a summer nightgown into long pants and fuzzy socks. And this morning, after Van and I let out the chickens and picked […]

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weekly meals, round 1

March 13, 2011

We’re doing our best to commit to a budget and obviously cooking at home plays a large role. A couple of years ago I mentioned my grocery inventory spreadsheet, and I still use it to this day. Considering the call I received from Google a couple of years ago about my spreadsheet, I figure I’m […]

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tea time

February 28, 2011

Was enjoying a tasty cup of tea until I knocked it over and the milky liquid spilled over everything on my desk. Oh, Monday.

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Tonight’s dream come true

February 23, 2011

*taken with Instagr.am Evenings like this are not to be taken for granted. Out of work before 5, moseying around Hoboken with Rori walking into random cute shops, stopping off at her apartment to check out baby Finn’s exciting new digs and discuss baby names…getting picked up by my handsome man, making a quick + […]

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Out of hibernation

February 16, 2011

Well, hello Wee Walker! Our minds were blown today. It was surreal to see the bottoms of your little feet, the ones that have been kicking my belly and leaving me with warm, fuzzy feelings and causing your dad to hardly think of anything else the day after he first felt the kicks. We saw […]

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waffles&beer, at home

October 4, 2010

I wrote part of this blog post at work — wrote it in Outlook with the type real tiny [point size 8] so it would look like I might be compiling an email, but if someone did walk by and look at my screen they’d probably be like, “What is this? An e-mail to ants?!” […]

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Week of Eating In

February 22, 2010

Pledged to eat in every meal for a week, as part of this Huffington Post+Cathy Erway joint endeavor to promote eating in (duh) and her new book! Cathy’s a founding partner of Hapa Kitchen, and a superb everything food-related ally. I’ve enjoyed reading her blog, listening to her talk to fantastic guests on her podcast, […]

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strange veggies

February 9, 2010

Eeek, another late night with only minutes before the clock strikes twelve and the day’s gone with no NaBloPoMo post! Must. post. strange. veggies. Above, freaky celery root and rusty-colored golden beets. Underappreciated vegetables. I’ll be back tomorrow with more information about these strange, delicious items and what to do to get acquainted with them.

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maryland corn chowder

February 7, 2010

NYC didn’t get the blizzard we (well, I) was hoping for, but one good thing that came out of our clear, sunny weekend is that I was able to have a productive weekend. The phrase “productive weekend” is not commonly heard ’round these parts so this makes me very happy. Jef had Lasik eye surgery(!) […]

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what’s not to love about beets?

February 7, 2010

On a snowboarding trip in Vermont a few weekends ago, I prepared a somewhat lavish birthday meal for my friend Erin. First course: beet borscht. I trimmed the tops off of a couple pounds of beautiful beets and scrubbed the bulbs under cold water. After patting dry, I sprinkled the beets with olive oil, salt, […]

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